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Business profiles overview

Register Information

Register information from state business register. You can check company id, registration date, registration state, actual company status, type of company. If the company is inactive you can check it's termination date.


List of directors, officers, secretaries and agents connected with company. In some cases you can check appointment date and resignation date. In most cases you can check address of directors and agents.


List of business addresses - register address, office address, agent address etc. On business profiles you can also find a map and business gps coordinates.

Name History

List containing previous company names. Company profiles in some states also include dates of name change and document numbers connected with name change.


System of reviews with ratings. You can check what other clients think about a company. You can also write your own review of a company and rate it from 1 to 5.


List of company documents sent to state register. Some company profiles have titles, descriptions and dates of sending this documents.

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